10 Things Your Skin Says About Your Health

Skin is the biggest organ in the human system and it can reveal a lot about one’s health condition. Learn more about what your skin reveals about your health.

  1. Itchy skin: it is normal for dry weather to leave your skin dry and itchy; using proper moisturizer you can control the condition. But if you experience itchiness and dryness despite the moisturizer then you might be suffering from eczema. You might also be a victim of asthma and hay fever.
  2. Breakouts on the chin: Do not neglect pimples on your jaw and chin; it is not the common acne that teenagers experience but a deeper problem indicating a hormonal These breakouts get worse with stress.
  3. Dark Circles: Genes, lifestyles, and allergies define the dark circles under your eyes. Poor sleeping habits lead to these circles which go away with proper rest. Even dehydration leads to dark circles.
  4. Dull complexion: A healthy you will have a healthy skin but when your skin is dull and allow you to know that all is not well. It can be temporary because of the weather, dehydration and inadequate sleep. But sometimes even costly mistakes from poor quality cosmetics lead to dull skin. Always use brands like Darklush to safeguard your skin.
  5. Unusual moles and freckles: New moles and growth can signify skin cancer which might have resulted from too much exposure to the sun.
  6. Hair growth: In women especially when the hair grows on the face and chin it is indicative of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Sometimes it could be genetic too.
  7. Puffy eyelids: This is indicative of allergy. People must ensure that they take adequate care while applying to makeup and look out for products that can be potential allergens.
  8. Flushed look: Flushed skin is either due to an allergic reaction to something you ate or applied or it could be hormonal in women in the menopausal stage when the blood vessels dilate more than usual.
  9. Cracked lips: When you experience dry lips, it could mean more than just dehydration. When you have a fungal infection, your lips can have painful fissures.
  10. Dark patches on legs: Untreated diabetes ends up as dark patches on legs.