Month: August 2018

Cancer and Diet: What’s the Connection in 2018?

Consuming a healthy diet is very essential. Not only a healthy diet but the diet should be well balanced as it will keep your weight also balanced. And keep your money balanced using If one has a healthy body weight the risk of obesity is reduced and further this reduces the risk of cancer and it has been seen that obesity is the second highest cause for cancer and first is smoking.

Since processed food has become a habit in this century, diet has become a main cause of cancer. Processed food like preserved food which has salt in it and red meat might increase the risk of getting cancer. On the other hand, naturally available food like fruits, vegetables, and food that have a high-fiber diet will reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Diet has had a link with various types of cancer such as:

  • Bowel cancer
  • Larynx cancer
  • Mouth cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Upper throat cancer
  • Lung cancer

Understanding which type of food will increase and decrease the risk of cancer is important. There have been a large number of studies being done by scientist to known which food in specific will increase the risk of cancer and which will reduce the risk. Several such studies are under progress and so is European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition which got funds from Cancer Research UK which is the largest study till date to determine the connection between cancer and diet. Under this study, more than 5000,000 people who are from 10 different European countries are involved and are being observed for a lot of years.

A person who eats a lot of fruits and vegetables has a lower risk of mouth, lung and throat cancer since they are a healthy source of getting all the vitamins, fiber and minerals needed for the body and they will maintain your healthy weight as well.… Read the rest

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5 Surprising Ways to Prevent Age Spots

Age spots can crop up with time and the reasons can be unhealthy lifestyle. But for many of us clean eaters too this can be a problem. The reasons can be hidden in the small things that we do daily, that are completely avoidable. Here are the 5 ways you are influencing your body to get age spots.

Cut off PUFA fats

Vegetable oils, margarine, nut and seed oils are simply saturated fats that harm your body and stuff in empty calories without any nutrition. Stick to coconut oil, animal fats and butter for cooking. Olive oil and avocado oils have monosaturated fats that can be consumed in moderation.

Cut off excess iron

An excess of iron in the body can cause age spots to appear. Cut off the extra sources of this heavy metal by means of multivitamins and any other supplements that you might be consuming. Rely on iron rich food sources like spinach, arugula, liver etc. drink coffee to minimize the iron uptake in your body.

Hormonal balance

An excess of estrogen as compared to progesterone levels can contribute majorly to age spots. The excess estrogen also causes increased absorption of iron. Detox your body, eat healthy and exercise with some AdjustableClamp if you like, to regulate your hormones.

Eat fresh food

Your body needs nutrition from natural sources like fruits and vegetables. Most adults do not consume 5 servings of recommended fruits and vegetables daily. Doing so will flush up your system of toxic substances and give clear skin and shiny hair.


Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells accommodating on the top layer of your body, cleaning away the dull skin. You can make great exfoliator from resources available at home: oats, coffee, sugar and honey make for excellent exfoliators.… Read the rest

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How To Lose Weight In 7 Weeks?

In order to lose weight in 7 weeks, you will have to do more than restricting your calorie intake. Your daily diet should include foods from all food groups to receive the essential nutrients such as whole grains, lean proteins, and high calcium foods like dairy, fruits and vegetables. The breakfasts of your 7 week plan can ideally include one ounce servings of grains, one cup of low or non-fat diary option, 1 ½ half ounces of protein or other high calcium food options.

When you join programs like Nutrisystem, you will be able to lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month following the Turbo 13 plan which was recently launched. The program offers diet plans for men, women, vegetarians and diabetics. Medifast is another diet program that delivers low calorie diet meal replacements helping you lose weight at a faster rate. Both the diet programs help you lose up to 2 lbs per week on a steady pace. Likewise, both programs are easy to follow and you get tips and recommendations from expert nutritionists.

Apart from thinking about how many calories you will eat on your 7 week plan, it is suggested that you learn how to divide those calories to meet all your daily requirements. According to weight loss experts, your daily protein intake should be 20 percent, fat should be 25 percent and carbs should be 55 percent. Ensure that the food sources are natural and whole foods as they are generally low in calories and contain major vitamins and minerals. Secondly, consider include foods that are low in density as they help you in weight loss. Low energy density foods fill you up and also let you take larger portions without adding too many calories. Low energy density foods are generally low in fat and calories and high in fiber such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and lean proteins.

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The Smart Ways to Live Healthier for Less Money

Time does not stay the same forever; it may be better it may be worse. No one cannot stay untouched with time. But we can plan better today to save ourselves from the curse of time tomorrow because maybe you are financially stable today but do you know your future. Here, follow the tips to live healthy while saving money-

#1 Start With Organic

Organic is often pricey, but it is not when you grow on your own. It can be a smart move forever so you can save and eat organic simultaneously. It is not about all the crops but some basic crops and herbs that you use most you can grow in your backyard.

#2 Go With Home Gyms

Fitness will be your ultimate partner in the long run even in the old age. But you don’t have to spend or pay the membership fee every month. Instead, buy some equipment and set them up in the free corner of your home. This way you can save a lot of money. Go to craigslist and contact the sellers there for the used equipment.

#3 It Doesn’t Have To Be Meat Every Time

If you can’t go meatless, you can consume it less or very less.  Meat is not cheap whether it is beef, fish, ham, or those hot dogs. Do not consider meat as the main part of your meals but make it a side dish and once in a week.

#4 Find An Active Community

To live even healthier look for an active community. Get a bike or start using it if you already have one. It will save you a lot on gas while giving you some great amount of exercise.

#5 Mental Health Is Vital Too

It is not just about physical health, but mental health should be your priority too. Get some cheap yoga DVDs or games that improve mental health and start doing them today. To make some extra money, trading is always the way and for that, you can have a look at the  mt4 price action indicator.… Read the rest

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