Month: September 2018

Lose 60 Lbs In 6 Months

The goal of shedding 60 lbs in 6 months is certainly ambitious but doable for people who have lot of weight to lose. This goal is suitable for people who are overweight or obese. To embark on a weight loss journey you have to consider your current weight, age, fitness level, level of physical activities and eating habits. This quick 60 pounds weight loss certainly requires more changes to your lifestyle and eating habits.  To lose 60 pounds in 6 months you will have to lose 10 pounds per month which requires tremendous efforts and dedication.

To lose weight you will have to eat less and work out more. This will create a deficit in calories that leads to weight loss. By creating a deficit of 500 to 1000 calories per day you will be able to lose from 1 to 2 lbs per week. When you join diet programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc you can experience this safe rate of weight loss. However, you will start losing at this rate only if you sincerely adhere to the guidelines suggested. Medifast provides low calorie foods which require a doctor’s recommendation to follow while Jenny Craig focuses on providing portion controlled meals. Nutrisystem has diet plans for all people and offers a huge menu covering over 150 meal options. The program offers diet plans for diabetics who want to lose weight as well as control their blood glucose levels. It also has a diet plan for vegetarians who prefer to lose weight consuming only plant based foods. Visit to learn more about Nutrisystem and Medifast and their benefits.

Cutting 1250 calories from your daily consumption is not recommended and not possible as well. The daily recommended intake is 1200 calories and dipping below this amount will lead to health complications. To lose 60 lbs in 6 months you will have to cut back on calories and include effective exercises into your daily routine.

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The Study Says: Fruits and Veggies Make You Sexy!

I was on Facebook and hit upon this meme and almost rolled off my chair!

It said: “the awkward moment when you are about to hug someone sexy as hell and then you hit the mirror.”

This so much summarised my life. I have not always been a health freak and a long bout of illness may have been on the cards for putting some sense into me.

A month at the hospice almost unable to move meant that I was extremely grateful when I could get back on my two. I knew I could not even afford to fall sick again and that is precisely how my journey about mindfully eating only nutritious food started.

How was I before?

I have not been fussy at all about food. That is not really a boon though. Stuffing me with junk and unwarranted meant I was quick fixing with polyunsaturated fats and excessive calories than what I could not even burn with extreme sports activities. I was not even doing basic exercise!

Here is an exceptional study that was undertaken at the St. Andrews University:

Thirty people were asked to up their daily diet with two servings of fruits and vegetables. Another 35 were asked to up it with three and a half servings extra. At the end of six weeks, they were asked to photograph themselves and send to a group of people who did not know them personally.

It was observed that men and women who took two serving of fruits and veggies daily for a period of six weeks flat had a healthy glow on their skin and were deemed to be more attractive than the suntanned subjects who had not been put on any nutrition yet.

The photographs of the thirty-five people who were having three and a half serving daily for six weeks looked more attractive and energetic.

This was one of a kind survey that explored the possibility of growing attractive with a niche diet of only fruits and vegetables. For more such researches and survey, read Cumswingwithme. You will thank me for referring it to you.… Read the rest

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Addiction Prescription Drug: Understand the Risk Factors

Studies show that people from all background and beliefs can go through addictions phase. There are many factors that can lead to addictions such as the environment you are in, the genetic factors, and sometimes taking these substances for fun. Addiction is not because of weak morals or willpower, but it is because of the chemical reactions in your brain that makes one addicted while not others. No matter what your reason is, addiction to any substance is dangerous and cause severe effects. Here are some risks related to addiction.

1) Physical and Psychological Dependence: Addiction to any substance may it be drugs, alcohol; prescribed medicines can make you dependent on the substance completely. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do simple tasks without taking these substances. It becomes your physical as well as psychological need to take it.

2) Health Issues: Prescription drug addiction can cause many severe health issues. Here is a list of few health issues that are caused because of prolonged use of drugs:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Blood borne diseases like HIV or hepatitis
  • Seizures
  • High or Low Blood pressure
  • Lung or Kidney damage
  • Impotency and infertility
  • Learning and memory issues

3) Relationships: When you are under the influence of any substances you are not in your own control. You might end up harming yourself or the people near you, affecting your relationship with them. Family and friends support you in difficult times but they can do very little if you are not able to get over your problems. Many of us face these issues, even I have been through this but I got healthy at this rehab and recommend it to everyone who is facing these problems. Addiction does not only damage personal relations but also affects your work relations and you can face severe issues like losing your job.… Read the rest

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Secrets to Party Like a Pro and Still Stay Healthy

If you thought that people who stay healthy and eat healthily might have to adopt a boring lifestyle, think again! You can party hard and still stay fit and healthy.

Prepare yourself and your body

Start focusing on your body long before a party is planned. If you find a ysl handbag outlet and if you know that you would find some of the best bags there you might start saving in advance so that you can buy your favorite bag during the discount season. In the same way, if you know that there is a party coming up and that there would be a lot of scrumptious dishes to try then start preparing your body and stick with healthy and clean food several days in advance.

You can still enjoy the party without the drinks

Alcohol can do a lot of harm to your body. Get a mocktail instead so that you would not feel left out. There are a couple of issues with drinking. One is that it takes the body quite some time to get rid of the toxins. The other is that you might lose focus on your diet when you are drunk. So skip the booze and stay alert and enjoy the party instead.

Hit the dance floor

When you are not drunk you would have higher energy levels to dance all night. Dancing would help you burn calories and this is indeed great for your health. So even if you end up grabbing a few extra bites from the delicious menu you might end up making up for it, on the dance floor.

Go vegetarian

If there are too many processed food items and meat on the list then skip them and go for a rich vegetarian menu instead. This would be easier to digest.… Read the rest

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