5 Surprising Ways to Prevent Age Spots

Age spots can crop up with time and the reasons can be unhealthy lifestyle. But for many of us clean eaters too this can be a problem. The reasons can be hidden in the small things that we do daily, that are completely avoidable. Here are the 5 ways you are influencing your body to get age spots.

Cut off PUFA fats

Vegetable oils, margarine, nut and seed oils are simply saturated fats that harm your body and stuff in empty calories without any nutrition. Stick to coconut oil, animal fats and butter for cooking. Olive oil and avocado oils have monosaturated fats that can be consumed in moderation.

Cut off excess iron

An excess of iron in the body can cause age spots to appear. Cut off the extra sources of this heavy metal by means of multivitamins and any other supplements that you might be consuming. Rely on iron rich food sources like spinach, arugula, liver etc. drink coffee to minimize the iron uptake in your body.

Hormonal balance

An excess of estrogen as compared to progesterone levels can contribute majorly to age spots. The excess estrogen also causes increased absorption of iron. Detox your body, eat healthy and exercise with some AdjustableClamp if you like, to regulate your hormones.

Eat fresh food

Your body needs nutrition from natural sources like fruits and vegetables. Most adults do not consume 5 servings of recommended fruits and vegetables daily. Doing so will flush up your system of toxic substances and give clear skin and shiny hair.


Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells accommodating on the top layer of your body, cleaning away the dull skin. You can make great exfoliator from resources available at home: oats, coffee, sugar and honey make for excellent exfoliators.