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The Health Risk of Using a Plastic Kettle

Electric kettles are very important appliance to house in your kitchen. They make it easier to boil your water and re greatly efficient in that they give signals after getting the water boiled and they are also able to cut the power supply as soon as the water is boiled. There are series of electric kettles out there but this great electric kettle is often best picked with opinion of the user.

People use varieties of electric kettles in their homes ranging from plastic electric kettle to stainless steel electric kettles. Both have been widely use in homes but a lot have been said about the danger posed to human health by using plastic electric kettles.

The health risk associated with the use of plastic electric kettle is vast, however plastic kettles are not the only health danger out there, most of your plastic plates and household materials also pose great threat to your health. Plastic electric kettles contain an organic compound that is referred to as Bisphenol A (BPA). This compound comes with most of the plastic appliances or household materials that is used at home.

This compound is very dangerous to human health but makers are still constantly using it to make plastic electric kettles. This compound possesses good properties for manufacturing which makes it popular amongst manufacturers.

This compound is able to look like some human hormones which can be dangerous to health when there is contact with it.

Below are some health dangers that come with using plastic electric kettles:

  • Plastic kettles contain BPA and this can abnormally increase the rate at which cell division occur. This is very dangerous to fetus.
  • It can cause hyperactivity
  • A less functional immune system
  • Defect of the sperm
  • It can lead to cancer of the breast
  • Diabetes

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