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10 Healthy Hacks to save Money

When you have got some money in hand, you can feel like a ‘king’ but when it’s all gone, there wouldn’t be much to spend on stuffs you would have really wished to have within your grasp. That is why you need to make hay while the sun is yet shining – when you still have the money at hand. Find out how to do that here:

Make it your own cup of coffee

Rather than turning in to the coffee shop to get a cup of your favorite brew; get an espresso and some coffee grounds to make a delicious brew before leaving home. That saves you some buck and helps you prepare a healthy cup coffee for yourself.

Take the walk

Sometimes, it’s okay to let the car stay in the garage and take a walk down to work if your house is within 1000-1500m distance from work. By so doing, the money spent on gas and maintenance can be saved. Again, while at it, you can get to burn some calories thereby boosting your fitness level.

Shop wisely

Learn to shop on budget. This means that you have got to do some planning before hitting the grocery store. Furthermore, make moves to buy in bulk and store the items in the pantry or in the refrigerator as the occasion might demand.

Grow your food

Having a garden in the backyard does two key things: saving cost in the long run; and 2). Helping you monitor what goes into the food you will eventually be ingesting. There and then, you can afford to do away with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Cook your meal and eat at home

Ever considered calculating the amount it takes to keep turning up at the fast food restaurant just to have a meal on daily basis? It does not cost ‘much’ when compared with cooking and eating at home. You can have the meal for the week ready [in time] and keep in the meal prep container before storing in the freezer.

Put those vices in check

The cigarette and alcohols are not really necessary – it’s just a part of an unhealthy lifestyle that has got to be curbed. Restraining yourself from such habit will not only help you save some cost but also prevent you from spending on hospital bills in the future.

Stay with water

There would always be a craving for those sugary or caffeinated drinks – it’s been a part of human life for ages – but you do not always have to obey the urge. Water remains the most essential fluid and you should always stay with it to save some money – it is really valuable.

It’s alright to be ‘meat-evading’

You should abstain from meat as much as you can. Instead of meat, you can choose to go for dried black beans, chickpeas or lentils to supply the needed protein without adding any cholesterol, and no concern over predisposition to cancer, cardiovascular disorders or any severe health condition related to the (excessive) consumption of meat.

Do not bite more than you can chew

Dish your meal in a proportionate manner and avoid cooking more than what is needed. In other words, cook with reference to the number of servings so as not to waste food.

Don’t take a loan to feed

Closely linked to the point above, and more like ‘cutting your cloth according to your coat’, you should not take a loan solely for the purpose of feeding – avoid this and use .

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