Keto Diet: 10 Proven Benefits & How to Know if it’s Right For You

The initial period of keto diet one might experience fatigue, confusion, nausea, and headaches. These symptoms arise as the body is making a switch between burning glucose for energy to burning the fat. This process is known as ketosis. You could go through to understand everything about this diet. This diet comes with many benefits and listed below are various reasons why one should opt for this diet.  The following reasons will guide you in deciding why it is right for you.

  • Low- carb diets kill the appetite- Keto diet consists of zero carbohydrates and thus it helps in keeping a check on your cravings and hunger.
  • Helps in weight loss- As the diet consists of very less fat and avoids completely unhealthy foods, it helps in instant weight loss.
  • Increases the good cholesterol- Good cholesterol is needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it can be obtained in abundance from the keto
  • Diminishes depression and anxiety attack- There have been various researches conducted which shows that it helps in reducing anxiety because of the low level of sugar intake.
  • Protection against the type 2 diabetes –As this diet cuts down the carb, its best for people who suffer from diabetes.
  • Better sleep-Once the body gets adjusted to the diet, you would get sound sleep and helps in sleeping for more hours.
  • Healthier liver- Fatty liver can damage the liver and is usually associated with type 2 diabetes. Giving this plan a try will help in improving the liver
  • Helps in treating cancer- There are various studies which show that this diet slows the cancerous tumor growth.
  • Boosts the heart health- This diet helps in improving the heart condition as it reduces triglyceride and increases good cholesterol.
  • Makes your brain sharper- Brain function drastically changes on a ketogenic

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Ten Of The Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods

Testosterone is an important hormone in the body of both men and women and the body has to manage it well. If the level of testosterone is low in your body then you need to include the following foods to boost the testosterone levels. Check the holistic board for details.


Garlic contains allicin that helps to lower the cortisol levels. The cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland and this is where the testosterone gets produced. The amount of cortisol needs to be reduced to increase the production of testosterone.


Honey has natural mineral boron and this is associated with helping to increase the testosterone levels. It also helps to build strong bones and helps to build the muscles.


Eggs contain protein, vitamin D, cholesterol, and omega3. All of this is important in the production of testosterone.


Almonds contain the mineral zinc and this helps in boosting the testosterone levels in those who have a zinc deficiency. Those who have low amounts of zinc for them the pituitary gland stops the release of the key hormone that helps in the production of testosterone.


Eating grapes help to boost testosterone because its skin contains resveratrol.


Tuna contains vitamin D and this helps to boost the testosterone levels.


Oysters are rich in zinc which is important for healthy testosterone production.


Spinach is one of the best foods to boost testosterone. This contains magnesium and this is important for testosterone production.


Pomegranate also is known to boost testosterone levels as it is also rich in antioxidants.


Lemon and all the citrus foods are good to improve the level of testosterone. These help in lowering the levels of cortisol and in turn, increasing the testosterone levels.

These testosterone boosting foods should be included in your diet whether you are trying to boost the levels normally or if you are undergoing some treatment and want to supplement the treatment.… Read the rest

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The Best Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain Naturally

Chronic pain can drag anyone down. It may lead to depression and low energy levels apart from the pain that bothers people and in due course reduces the productivity. If a person suffers from chronic pain, then he may be ready to accept any kind of treatment plan that may promise him some relief.

Some of the natural ways to relieve the pain are as follows:

  1. Fish oil: This is a known anti-inflammatory agent. People who eat fish or Fish oil capsules regularly can vouch for the positive effects of the same on their painful conditions.
  2. Turmeric: This is a well-known root and herb, commonly used in Indian cuisine. Its effect on reducing inflammation and pain is pretty well documented and you can use it as a part of your food or beverages. Patients with joint pain and arthritis, have also reported reduced pain after long term consumption of this herb in the form of capsules.
  3. Resveratrol found in wine, grapes and many other food ingredients has been found to have a positive effect on pain management therapies.
  4. Body massage: Pain is a symptom of some deep rooted sickness. Body massage or lymph node drainage/ activation are positively effective remedies for pain management. In this case, going to a Chiropractorhunter can help you as these people are qualified in precise pain management treatments, that may target specific body parts, like the back or knee joints etc.
  5. Meditation is another technique that may help you to feel better. It allows the mind to relax and control the pain receivers in the brain.
  6. Yoga and some form of exercise, regularly done are definitely beneficial. When we exercise, body and brain, in particular, are stimulated. Some hormones and chemicals make us feel happy and at the same time, the feeling of pain is changed due to them. With regular movement of joints and bones, the pain may also go away after some time.

It is very difficult to live with chronic pain. These tips may help you in better management of the symptoms but if it persists then it is better to go to a medical professional for advice.… Read the rest

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The Ultimate Guide: Healthy Eating on a Budget

Health is the most important thing for all of us. So, we have to take healthy and hygienic foods to maintain it properly. But the budget matters a lot and nowadays everything has become expensive and the poor people are not at all able to afford it. That is why the children from the poor family background are very weak with less immunity power. Food plays a vital role in our lives and we have to be very conscious about it. We can also say that the fast foods eating habit have increased so much and the food is not hygienic and it sometimes contains many drugs in order to meet the demand and reap profits. This was found from their drug tests results and we can even take a look at and read more about it. Let us have a look on how to eat healthy food within our budget in this article.

  1. We can boil the eggs and can have it once or twice in a day. Because boiled eggs are full of proteins and it makes the stomach be very filling too. Eggs are not so expensive and everyone can buy it easily. Boiled eggs make us energetic and fresh and we can even start giving boiled eggs for the one year plus kids.
  2. Water consumption is more important than taking food. But, we should avoid getting sodas and other soft drinks and start taking plenty of water to be healthy with glowing skin.
  3. Vegetables contain great supplements like vitamins, minerals, and We should encourage our family members to take a cup of vegetables daily instead of taking white rice. The green vegetables are rich in fiber and help us to be active and healthy.


We should first plan our budget by writing the list of items that we are going to purchase. Based on the budget, one can choose the best and healthy food for life. We can also buy the food and other things in bulk in order to save money and definitely without compromising with our health.… Read the rest

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Addiction Prescription Drug: Understand the Risk Factors

Studies show that people from all background and beliefs can go through addictions phase. There are many factors that can lead to addictions such as the environment you are in, the genetic factors, and sometimes taking these substances for fun. Addiction is not because of weak morals or willpower, but it is because of the chemical reactions in your brain that makes one addicted while not others. No matter what your reason is, addiction to any substance is dangerous and cause severe effects. Here are some risks related to addiction.

1) Physical and Psychological Dependence: Addiction to any substance may it be drugs, alcohol; prescribed medicines can make you dependent on the substance completely. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do simple tasks without taking these substances. It becomes your physical as well as psychological need to take it.

2) Health Issues: Prescription drug addiction can cause many severe health issues. Here is a list of few health issues that are caused because of prolonged use of drugs:

  • Respiratory issues
  • Blood borne diseases like HIV or hepatitis
  • Seizures
  • High or Low Blood pressure
  • Lung or Kidney damage
  • Impotency and infertility
  • Learning and memory issues

3) Relationships: When you are under the influence of any substances you are not in your own control. You might end up harming yourself or the people near you, affecting your relationship with them. Family and friends support you in difficult times but they can do very little if you are not able to get over your problems. Many of us face these issues, even I have been through this but I got healthy at this rehab and recommend it to everyone who is facing these problems. Addiction does not only damage personal relations but also affects your work relations and you can face severe issues like losing your job.… Read the rest

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10 Ways For Men to Improve Sexual Performance

It is always best that you should go for natural ways to improve your sexual performance.  Even though there are many pills available, you still can last longer in bed by following few simple steps.   You need to keep in mind that the penis works on blood pressure, hence you need to ensure that your circulatory system is able to work well.  Follow the below-mentioned tips to improve the performance

  • Include meat, eggs food rich in vitamin B1 and omega -3 fatty acids in your diet- Meat and omega-3 rich foods will help in blood flow and circulation. While the food rich in vitamin B1 will help your nervous system to work quickly. Eggs help in balancing the levels of hormone effectively.
  • Add vegetables and fruits to the diet- Add those fruits and vegetables which will help in good blood flow like bananas, onion, garlic, etc.
  • Stay active- Do cardiovascular exercises regularly to have a good sex life.
  • Try out varied sexual positions- Adopting new positions will definitely add interest to the lovemaking and you can overcome problems in bed. Also, you need to keep yourself trimmed and clean so that the partner will be participating enthusiastically.  Ball hair removal cream is available in the market.  Or else there are many natural ways you can keep yourself clean.
  • Reduce the stress – Try out meditation and exercises to calm your senses and help you in performing better.
  • Exposure to sunlight- Sunlight helps in controlling the melatonin production in the body which helps you to sleep well and relaxes you. Lesser this hormone better will be your sexual desire.
  • Give special attention to your partner
  • Quit the bad habits like smoking and drinking
  • Get medical treatment if the problem is quite serious
  • Use lubrication to have a smooth intercourse or else the discomfort of your partner will adversely affect your libido.
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7 things you should know about Using GHB

You must have heard about the club drug also known as GHB. It is usually consumed by thrilled adolescents. Here is what you should know about this drug

  1. It is a drug which is approved by FDA but only for medical purposes. This drug can be prescribed to patients with a sleep disorder, known as narcolepsy. It is a disorder in which a person has no control over his sleep and keeps snoring during the day as well.
  2. This drug acts on the brain to depress the neural pathways related to sedation. However, at some concentrations, it is a stimulatory substance causing excitement. Addiction develops to GHB use and is a powerful one.
  3. The drug when used as an abused drug is dangerous but it occurs naturally in the brain in small amounts. It is also a byproduct of fermentation reaction and can be detected in beer.
  4. If a person stops using GHB suddenly, it can result in withdrawal syndrome which consists of tremors, nervousness and sleeps disturbance. If this withdrawal is serious like the one in alcohol abuse, patients may require emergency management. GHB withdrawal symptoms are mainly treated by anti-anxiety drugs.
  5. The GHB that people sell for purpose of abuse in streets and internet is not laboratory tested and has no standards of manufacturing. It is very harmful because it is produced in illegal ways. Few research studies have investigated the number of deaths occurring due to GHB to be more than 200. There is treatment available to cure GHB addiction at Ontario drug rehabs.
  6. GHB has an effect on muscle building due to its anabolic properties. Its use is not recommended but athletes use it for bodybuilding. Although, this drug causes sedation.
  7. GHB ingested in high doses may result in coma and death because it has a depressant effect on the brain and is profoundly sedative.
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Essential tips on reducing inflammation in the body

If you’re a person who engages in sports [like gymnastics, dancing, etc.] regularly or a fitness freak that goes through some rigorous paces on daily basis, you will probably not be immune to injuries. Injuries differ in terms of location and how they manifest but, in this article, we shall beam focus on sprain affecting ligaments in the ankle. Inflammation can result from a slip that makes one to lose balance so that means it’s an injury that could hit just about anyone. It can also happen after a heavy landing/stamping of the feet on a hard surface.

We shall now share some knowledge on how to reducing inflammation in the body.

Resting the ankle: Since most sprains come from the exertion of pressure on a localized area, – ankle in this context – it is important that that an affected individual does not aggravate the condition of body inflammation. This is where resting the ankle becomes a necessity; such act will help to fast track the healing process. You should rest the sprain by relieving it of some activities like prolonged standing, walking – you can move around with the aid of crutches – and some other demanding exercises that could further endanger the health of the ankle.

  • Apply ice: in order to reduce [or prevent further] swelling, you should apply ice to the affected ankle. This you can do by wrapping a block of ice in a piece of cloth and placing it on the ankle and you can as well dip the affected ankle into a bucket of ice water.
  • Seek advice from a specialist: Specialist input cannot be waved aside when one is trying to take good care of sprained ankle. A nagging orthopedic injury like sprained ankle requires overcome it. Therefore, it is fitting to seek medical consultation and treatment from medical practitioners who have the expertise in taking care of the condition.

3 Tips for Preventing Inflammation

We will like to wrap this up by giving three (3) tips on how you can prevent sprained ankle causing inflammation.

  • Avoid wearing shoes with high heel on certain occasions. For instance, when going on a workout or treading rocky terrains.
  • Do stretching exercises from time to time. This makes some sense when one considers the theory of use and disuse; there is a tendency that an ankle that is not used to stretching can get wearied and/or sprained in the course of time.
  • Watch your weight. Being overweighed could increase the chance of picking up inflammation in the ankle hence it is necessary hat you try as best as you can to always keep it – your weight – on a healthy scale.

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