How to Fix a Inactive Lifestyle and be Healthy

Fixing an inactive lifestyle would be a great way to increase your overall body health and function and will do a host of great things for your body, including increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat percentage and helping with your weight loss goals (which I assume is what you are here for). Fixing years of built up habits and bad eating will be a tough nut to crack, this is why we’ve created this small article to help you do that exact thing.

  • First thing, reduce total caloric intake by at least 20% or more

Reducing caloric intake will make it easier for your body to start shedding weight, weight loss comes from a sustained caloric deficit along with a sustained low insulin environment, doing this at a 20% deficit won’t be so hard that you’ll have problems but it may cause something known as the “keto flu” where your body temporarily finds it hard to find the correct amount of energy required for function. Keep in mind this is temporary and will go away if given enough time.

  • Increase protein intake to at least 0.8 grams per lean pound of muscle mass

Increasing protein intake will help a lot of things, including raising BMR and reducing body fat. Increasing protein intake with a strong emphasis on working out at a gym will be the best combo. If you are doing incredibly intense workout regimens, try getting at least 1 gram per lean pound of muscle mass, if not more.

  • Take supplements for vitamins, minerals and others

Magnesium is required for our brains to regulate circadian rhythms; our bodies need vitamin D for bone repair. Some other supplements include forskolin if your fat is just not budging, read my forskolin review here.