The Study Says: Fruits and Veggies Make You Sexy!

I was on Facebook and hit upon this meme and almost rolled off my chair!

It said: “the awkward moment when you are about to hug someone sexy as hell and then you hit the mirror.”

This so much summarised my life. I have not always been a health freak and a long bout of illness may have been on the cards for putting some sense into me.

A month at the hospice almost unable to move meant that I was extremely grateful when I could get back on my two. I knew I could not even afford to fall sick again and that is precisely how my journey about mindfully eating only nutritious food started.

How was I before?

I have not been fussy at all about food. That is not really a boon though. Stuffing me with junk and unwarranted meant I was quick fixing with polyunsaturated fats and excessive calories than what I could not even burn with extreme sports activities. I was not even doing basic exercise!

Here is an exceptional study that was undertaken at the St. Andrews University:

Thirty people were asked to up their daily diet with two servings of fruits and vegetables. Another 35 were asked to up it with three and a half servings extra. At the end of six weeks, they were asked to photograph themselves and send to a group of people who did not know them personally.

It was observed that men and women who took two serving of fruits and veggies daily for a period of six weeks flat had a healthy glow on their skin and were deemed to be more attractive than the suntanned subjects who had not been put on any nutrition yet.

The photographs of the thirty-five people who were having three and a half serving daily for six weeks looked more attractive and energetic.

This was one of a kind survey that explored the possibility of growing attractive with a niche diet of only fruits and vegetables. For more such researches and survey, read Cumswingwithme. You will thank me for referring it to you.